Privacy & Data Protection Policy


This policy sets out how the Historic Wheels Club complies with GDPR legislation while achieving our objectives of the club

Data Collected:

We collect members’ names, addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers upon joining, and we update the information each time a change is advised by members.
Members may also opt to provide the Club information in relation to the cars of members but this is not ‘personal’ information for the purposes of this policy.

Data Controller:

The Club’s Membership Secretary collects and maintains members’ personal information in her/his capacity as Data Controller.

Data Processors:

These are the Committee members of the Club.

Data Use:

We use your data to send each member by email or post:

  • The Club Magazine – Wheeltrim
  • Ad-hoc Newsletters
  • Regular membership renewal notification.
  • Provide the SVVF (Scottish Vintage Vehicle Federation) with a list of members names and addressesenabling them to forward copies of the SVVF Year Book.

Data Storage & Retention:

The Data Controller holds current records in electronic format on a personal computer.
All electronic files containing member’s data are password protected. In some cases, paper copies of membership and car register forms are also retained.
Records relating to the personal data of those who are no longer members are deleted from any electronic files after one year and paper copies destroyed after six years.

What We Don’t Do:

  • We do not give or sell personal data to any organisation, company or club.
  • We do not pass members’ personal details to any other individuals.
  • We do not store members’ bank, credit card and related financial information.
  • We do not make multiple email addresses visible on webmail sent to members.
  • We do not make members’ details available on the HWC website or social media.


All current members have been informed of this policy. All future members will be asked upon joining the Club to sign to indicate consent to their details being held and used as described.

Subject Access:

We will provide to any members who asks the membership Secretary, the information held about him/her.
However, as our members control what personal data is submitted to the Club this may be accessed and edited as when members so wish.


Any queries regarding the data we hold please contact the Membership Secretary John McKenna: